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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: 10TB Drives

Forget hard disks that can store 8 terabytes of data. That’s so two weeks ago! Your digital packrat deserves two more terabytes like these new Western Digital 10TB, Ultrastar He10, drives. Yes, these drives are filled with helium that provide less resistance than oxygen and data is recorded on tracks shingled analogous to roof shingles. […]

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Ignorance and Laziness Defeats a Backup Plan

Let it be known that even well-intentioned file backups can be defeated by plain old ignorance and laziness. I’m learning this first hand, waiting to take care of a hard drive issue that’s now bordering catastrophic. Why did I remove the drive from BackBlaze? Hoping Time Machine saves my bacon yet another time. Why oh […]

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Batter Up, Seagate

Strike 1! Western Digital 500-GB external drive that powers up but then is completely silent. Strike 2! A different WD 500-GB external drive model that powers up. But then the drive sounds like it keeps trying to spin up again and again and again. Strike 3! An external Maxtor 750-GB drive that powers up, spins […]

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