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High Wind Damage

The wind’s been whipping through Hawaii this Valentine’s weekend causing all kinds of damage. Check out the Windward side. Fence down. More missing fence sections around the corner. Lots of broken branches. Blown out vinyl planks. Trees downed on the Pali. This is actually renovation being done at an McD. Not related to the winds […]

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Can You Get Enough of #LieHagi?

I don’t know why or when but local weather dude (and surfer), Guy Hagi, has become an online meme under the tag of #liehagi. Where did this start??? #liehagi Tweets There’s a conspiracy theory out there that Guy himself is the origin of #liehagi to up his Twitter cred.

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57 in Ketchikan and surprisingly not raining

A 50-Degree Swing in Weather

That’s what you get when you leave balmy Hawaii and its typical 80-degree weather. From warm and muggy, we went to the scorching, dry heat of the Armpit of Cali. At least 100 degrees every day with a high of 106 on our arrival. Then a short international flight to the north by way of […]

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Weight taken down by wind

Damaged by Flossie

Although Hawaii escaped catastrophic damages by tropical storm depression Flossie, you can’t take these weather systems lightly and should expect the worst. Case in point, I pshawed the dwindling effects of Flossie as drizzles of rain fell on Monday night. But the next morning, I was welcomed by this damage. Anyone want plumeria cuttings?

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Ready for Tropical Storm Flossie

Are you ready for the potential impact of tropical storm Flossie? While the storm’s strength has been downgraded, the media and the state of Hawaii is taking Flossie very seriously, closing facilities and shutting down services over the weekend. If you need toilet paper, Palama Market has a sale going on and as a bonus, […]

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Checking Out the Forecast

Thanks to Kickstarter fiend, Eri, I have a new weather “app” to check out. It’s called Forecast, but it’s not your traditional mobile app. You won’t find this free version in the Apple App Store, instead you head to on your mobile device (or any platform) and follow the instructions. Although not a native […]

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It’s All About Priorities

And giving people what they want. Found this post on Mashable leading up to Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. Seems like there were three closures people wanted to be informed of: Subways Schools Starbucks Yep, the availability of Starbucks was on the mind of people leading up to Sandy’s landfall. While all Starbucks in New York City and […]

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Tsunami Warning!

The sirens have sounded. Read the tsunami warning. Predicted incoming at 10:28pm HST. Use the State Civil Defense evacuation map zone tool to see if you’re in the danger zone. Twitter hashtag of #HItsunami. Previous recent tsunami alarms: March 2011 February 2010

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