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WordPress 4.7 Broke My Login

Aw boo, upgrading to the latest WordPress 4.7 Vaughan accidentally broke my ability to login. Instead, I was caught in a loop where WP wanted to update the database but couldn’t. No matter what, the site kept wanting to update the database, but couldn’t, never getting past that point. Googling this problem shows others have encountered […]

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WordPress Theme Expired?

I’m not quite sure what happened but Pulpconnection’s home page was showing a blank white screen for awhile. I don’t know if this was caused by the latest version of WordPress, v4.4, or the license for my theme expired. Or it could even be an incompatibility between the theme and WP 4.4. Whatever the cause […]

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Now “Spinning” on SSDs

Things here at Pulpconnection should be a little snappier since the site is now “spinning” on SSD drives. I got a notice that Pulpconnection has been upgraded to DreamPress 2. Supposedly this move to solid state drives alone can ramp up performance up to 200%. While I don’t think my site loads twice as fast, […]

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Reading About DreamPress 2

What’s this about the release of DreamPress 2? Dreamhost’s managed WordPress environment recently got revved with some cool features. Files are now stored and served up from speedy SSD drives. Automatic daily backups appear to be newly added, and of course, there’s all the other performance enhancing features that got even better. Nice. Very nice.

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Retro for April 1

That was fun, but now it’s time to restore Pulpconnection back to its most recent look. For April 1st, Pulpconnection went retro thanks to the free Retro theme from Organic Themes. Talk about throwing it back to the old days of the Internet. Anyways back to the future…

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Overcoming My Hangup with Desk.PM

As I write this blog post using the Desk app, I’m beginning to understand my hangups using this dedicated blogging app full time. It’s the learning curve, dummy. Years back when I got in to blogging, I used MarsEdit as my blog authoring tool of choice. As Internet connectivity became faster, more ubiquitous, and more […]

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Is the Scheduler Working?

Not sure why but the internal scheduler service that WordPress uses wasn’t working. No wonder why scheduled posts didn’t post accordingly. Also, all kinds of trackbacks and other links weren’t updated. As a starting point, I disabled a bunch of WP plugins. Doing so appears to have cleared the backlog of scheduled tasks. Now to […]

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