Looking for Inspiration

Been busy doing some mundane and some fun stuff recently, but boy do I need a shot of inspiration right about now. I’m hoping Apple and Steve Jobs can provide it come Monday when Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference kicks off. Recently, WWDC has been the launching platform for new Apple stuff. You know, the stuff that’s not only neat and cool, but the stuff that redefines the game. The stuff that makes other tech companies go “WTF?!” and forces them to reassess their plans and change directions to follow Apple’s lead. Now, that is cool and inspirational.

More rumors of the iPhone are coming up again. The full screen video iPod is probably not ready. The PowerMacs, the last hold out using PPC processors, will definitely change, and this change will probably include a new case. The next OS, codename Leopard, will be shown, and with Microsoft Vista delayed, Microsoft has even more time to steal ideas from Apple.

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