TV Is Okay

Whew, looks like our TV is okay after all. After a week’s worth of taped shows, we had to start watching so we turned on the tele. After 10 minutes of listening to snap, crackle, and pop, the noises went away and things seem to be back to normal.

Although I did learn a few things about new HDTV sets in the meantime. Probably would go for a 40-50″ plasma or LCD. Wanted something thinner than a rear projection. 1080p is the highest res, but not much content seems available at that res (not HDTV broadcasts, only Blue-ray or HD DVD stuff that I don’t have). So 720p seems good enough. Two HDMI ports sounds better just in case. Still trying to understand the pixel count of 720i, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p…Amazon has the Panasonic TH-42PX60U plasma as a best seller and it sounds good for the price though the price in Hawaii is about $500 more. Samsungs seem okay but reviews complain about the colors. Sony makes good stuff but very expensive.

But oh well, no HDTV for now. But better start saving when we’re legally forced to go to HDTV in early 2009 (less than 3 years away)!

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