Hotness: Himalayan Kitchen

Here’s the thing: you got to try the awesome hotness of the Himalayan Kitchen in Kaimuki. I don’t think I ever ate Nepali food, but after the Himalayan Kitchen, I want more.

First of all, the place isn’t the easiest to find, especially when the (original) Honolulu Advertiser review gives an incorrect address (see the Kitchen’s web site for the correct address). Still though, its confusing location only adds to the mystique. When you find the hideaway, you’re immediately presented with an eclectic decor.


everest-choeelaLet’s get to the food. It’s simply awesome. The spices and flavors are not typical of Hawaii, providing a new palate of enjoyment. Besides the savory flavors, each dish came with some heat. Even the mild ones stoked some flames over time. But oh so good. The Everest Choeela is presently beautifully and is highly recommended even though the heat level is turned up a notch. The lunch special chicken tikka wrap is “insane” as described by our waiter (who was great explaining all the dishes and refilling my ever emptying glass of water).

We shared a bunch of dishes and took home lots of leftovers. The biggest problem with the food for me? The acid reflux all the spiciness induced. You can’t stop sampling all the dishes, and boy did I need some Tums and Zantac after lunch! Hurt so good though.

For something off the beaten path, you gotta try the Himalayan Kitchen (again and again). Just ask @ryankanno. Oh yeah, they are now open for lunch from 11 to 2.

See more pictures here.


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