Bytemarks’ Hawaii Top Social Media Geeks Represented

Taking a look at Bytemarks’ Top Social Media Geeks of Hawaii, you’ll see quite a few represented in the US Navy Distinguished Visitor embark program. This program allows citizens to come aboard Naval air craft carriers to experience a day at sea and then share their experiences with others. What better way to accomplish this goal by enlisting the aid of social media geeks!

Here’s the list of social media geeks with Navy DV participants in bold:

20. Burt Lum @bytemarks. Story.
19. Judi Clark @judico
18. Ryan Ozawa @hawaii. Story 1, 2, 3.
17. Christa Wittmier @supercw
16. Ian Kitajima @ikitajima
15. Donna Nakasue @champuru
14. Liza Pierce @amauiblog
13. Jared Kuroiwa @KGMB9
12. Dan Leuck @dleuck
11. Greg Yamane @geewhy / Susie Collins @thecanaryreport
10. Todd Cochrane @geeknews
9. Roxanne Darling @roxannedarling. Pictures.
8. Vernon Brown @vbrown
7. Paula Bender @lavagal
6. Mitchell Dwyer @scrivener
5. Melissa Chang @melissa808. Part 1.
4. Nathan Kam @nathankam. Story.
3. Nadine Kam @fashiontribe
2. Andy Bumatai @andybumatai
1. L.P. “Neenz” Faleafine @neenz. Story.

Not bad, 6 out of 20 (so far).


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