Rodarte Design Hits Starbucks (and Me)

When I walked into Starbucks this morning, I had to stop because of this display.

The entire store had been redone in holiday red, but this display with lime green, silver, and shades of grey hit me hard. What are these? These belong to a design collaboration with Rodarte.

These diffusion, pixelated pattern items are limited to the Holidays and is the first design partnership for Starbucks.

I had to touch each item and stopped myself from buying any of them. There’s a tumbler, a tote bag, a gift card, and a reusable cup sleeve (which was already sold out).

My only salvation from not buying any of the urban camo-like items? The ceramic makeup of the travel tumbler. The Rodarte tumbler is not metal or plastic, and I’m afraid the ceramic just won’t last. Or maybe it’s my will power that won’t last, caving way first.

If you can’t make it down to a Starbucks, you can also purchase these Rodarte items online by clicking on the image below.

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