At Ala Moana Again

One more week closer to Christmas means one more shopping session at Ala Moana. This time, we went early to capitalize on Macy’s sale and early opening. The crowds are tolerable at 8am (that’s one hour after Macy’s opened), but the parking cones in the structure were blocking the stalls nearest Macy’s for some reason.

Anyways, what did I see this past weekend? Even the high traffic (and slow throughput) Starbucks in Macy’s had a few free-coffee-in-January tumblers still available. I wonder if these will be discounted at some point?


Macy’s sells Kitchen Aid mixers in a variety of colors. From the looks of things, the pink version is “hot.” I can’t imagine anyone trying to shoplift these heavy mixers.


Pink Kitchen Aid Mixers

Chilewich placemats. Never saw them before, but I liked the designs, but no, I didn’t buy any.


Chilewich Placemats

Wandered downstairs to ride the not-often-seen flat escalator. Where else in Hawaii can you ride one of these?


Since I was nearby Champ’s Sports, I figured I’d stop by to see any new releases. Champs was about to open at 9:30, and there was a small line waiting to get in. I learned that this new Kevin Durant KD5 colorway dropped.


KDV Bright Crimson, Volt, Wolf Grey

But the KD5 wasn’t the real prize. This was.


AJ 11 BRED raffle

The Air Jordan 11 “BRED” are releasing next week and with all the chaos that’s recently accompanied Nike releases, there are new policies in place. Instead of lining up for the release, Champs and Foot Locker implemented a raffle system where random shoppers are picked to purchase the new release. Since I was there, it was kismet that I got myself a ticket. 🙂

Shopping at Nordstroms is so much fun. I don’t actually think I’ve bought anything from this upscale retailer, but you definitely get a different point of view shopping here. Here’s a great example.


Gifts (We Love) Under $100

Okay, okay, it really says “Gifts We Love Under $100,” but I read it as “Gifts Under $100.” Under a $100?! Only at Nordies!

What’s probably not under $100 at Nordstroms are these sequined (bedazzled) UGGs.


Sequined UGGs!!

And definitely not under $100 is this special edition Viktor & Rolf Bugaboo Chameleon stroller. Yes, its handles are leather bound for the driver.


Viktor & Rolf Bugaboo Chameleon Stroller

What was supremely surprising walking Ala Moana Center? The number of out of order escalators. Still. I encountered a few in the past few weeks, and they were still broken. Not just one or two, but four were busted.

Will there be one more visit  to Ala Moana before Christmas? I doubt it since I think we’re done shopping. But you just never know…

Here are even more pictures from our shopping spree.

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5 Responses to At Ala Moana Again

  1. NEENZ December 16, 2012 at 10:37 pm #

    We went to Ala Moana today to check out the much talked about “Couture Pop” by Sugar Factory after hearing the ad on the radio. Certainly a pop culture item, however the price was unimpressive even to my teen that would have chosen the Nicole Scherzinger model.

    • Gee Why December 17, 2012 at 12:27 pm #

      Wait, what’s this? Never heard of Couture Pop. Do I now have a reason to head back to Ala Moana?! 😉

  2. Yoda808 December 18, 2012 at 6:30 am #

    Heh, the broken down escalators have been plaguing Ala Moana for the paste 2-3 months now. The worst was when I was down at the Ewa end in Sears and their escalators were broken, went out on Mall level to try to go up the escalators by Longs. Nothin’ doin’. The up one over there was broken too!

    Another fun to see when it’s out of service are either of the ones on the upper level near center stage by Fossil leading to the Ewa wing (the two short ones). It’s not so bad if you’re trying to get up because you can see the elevator and path to the stairs. But if you’re on the top part trying to get down, I’ve seen people super confused trying to figure out how to get down (most don’t know there’s a stairs behind the elevator) so they clog that area waiting for the elevator.

    • Gee Why December 18, 2012 at 12:26 pm #

      Fortunately, from our days pushing a stroller around, I remembered some of the non-escalator means of navigating Ala Moana. Was kinda fun taking the stairs or other elevators.

      Those elevators you mentioned by Fossil are the lamest ones that go up like half a floor. The best elevator used to be the one in GAP when it was multi-level. No crowds and fast and somewhat centrally located.

      Similarly, I only found out that Victoria’s Secret has two entrances, one nearest the Sears parking structure. So instead of walking to the center stage area or going around by Longs, you can cut straight through (amongst the lingerie). 🙂


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