The Best Nike LunarEclipse

The heritage of Nike’s LunarEclipse running shoe dates back only three generations, but I must say that the latest LunarEclipse 3 is the best one to date. Ha, that’s an easy conclusion with so few models. But I have all three LunarEclipses, and the LunarEclipse 3 continues to improve, fixing problems in previous pairs.

UntitledLike there were improvements between the LE1 to LE2, there are more adjustments with the LE3. The LE1 featured Flywire which was ditched for the “fingers” of the LE2. Flywire makes a reappearance on the LE3 and stylishly so as cables for lockdowning your foot.

The toebox is snug like the LE2, and it feels like the LE3 includes stiffer foam under the arches for better crash protecting support. I don’t think the floating heel cup is in the LE3, but it does feature a “heel support clip” (whatever that is). Visually, the off-centered lacing gives the shoe an edginess to it, not following the norm of laces down the midline. I like it. Maybe this asymmetric orientation actually affects performance, maybe it doesn’t, but it definitely looks cool.

The sole of the LE3 looks much the same as the LE2. The flex grooves may be marginally deeper and wider.

Soles look the same

LunarEclipse sole, LE3 (top), LE2 (bottom)

The engineered mesh upper seemingly gives the LE3 less (visible) layers than the LE2. This should help with weight and ventilation.

Toe box

Engineered mesh of LE3 (left)

As a runner who needs support both in the arches and heel, the LunarEclipse 3 provides an excellent combination. The LunarEclipse is now my running shoe of choice with its great balance of support, lightness, and comfort.

More pictures of the LunarEclipse 3 and comparisons with the LunarEclipse 2.

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