Target Kailua Coming Soon

The sign is officially up – COMING SOON. And “Coming Soon” for the Target location in Kailua actually means two months with the opening set for March 8, 2015. It’s been a long time in the making with first rumblings of Target taking over the Don Quijote location back in 2009. Over this six-year journey, the pace has picked up greatly over the recent months to include neighboring road work to repave and re-stripe the lines and install a new traffic light. Only three months ago did the official Target signage go up.

While the exterior looks complete, the interior is still bare. The shelving is being installed, but there’s no inventory on the floor yet. Workers are busily getting the store ready and yes, there is police officer stationed there all the time.

Some highlights of this Windward location. The roadway entry is nicely decorated. There are touches of Hawaii to go along with the iconic red Target logo.

Speaking of that red Target logo…

The store itself is immense. You don’t realize how much real estate this location takes up until you walk from the Safeway side to the Post Office.

Accordingly, the parking lot(s) are huge as well. There are plentiful spaces on both sides of the main road entryway, and there are even more stalls on the Safeway side (maybe reserved for employees?). The paved grave material looks rough and rocky though.

No explanation needed for what this logo means. Looking in the window, the cafe area appears huge with space for lots of tables.

Living walls are only now beginning to take root.

Yes, there are two stalls for electric vehicles (sorry, there’s a coffee cup on top of the charger, but not mine).

The most significant change in my opinion? Connecting the Safeway parking lot. Yes, soon enough you can drive to the adjoining lots.

Just don’t mind the wild, free range chickens that’ll eventually roam the Target parking lots.

I can’t wait to check out the store in operation in March. Until then, here are a few more pictures of Target in late January.

Update: the Star Advertiser is reporting a March 4, 2015 opening date.

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