From Hurricanes to Stranger Things

Well, there went a planned outing to the cabins at Bellows due to the hook and slice of Hurricanes Madeline and Lester. With Bellows cancelling stays starting from Saturday, we now had lots of free time over the Labor Day weekend. That time was spent watching (and finishing) the inaugural season of Stranger Things.

This Netflix series came highly recommended by @gquiks487, and @locke02000 said it was the only series he seriously considered binge watching in one sitting. So with three days of canceled plans, we watched all eight episodes of Stranger Things. Averaging about one hour per episode, the show isn’t what I imagined with supernatural occurances in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. Yeah, I liked all the kids, but Dustin was my favorite with his John Riggins curls and his unique cleidocranial dysplasia. If I could only place that red, white, and blue hat of his… kinda looks Montreal Expo-ish or old school Chicago White Sox of the MLB.


Other than the kids, I thought Winona Ryder did an excellent crazed and desparate mother. The Hawkins Chief of Police, Hop, was my favorite adult character with more skills than he lets on.

Of course, the best, best, best part of the show is its retro setting in 1983. The paramount encapsulation of that is the opening title sequence with its old school animation and graphics and that theme song. I’m simply transfixed by it.

I won’t go into summarizing the storyline since it’s been done many times already. Just go watch it and enjoy the ride. In the meantime, take a listen to the theme song and also see the titles for Season 2.

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