Target Lineup for NES Classic

I can only guess that this lineup outside of Target Kailua is for the NES Classic that releases today. Seemingly limited availability is driving up demand for this nostalgic gaming system. I doubt everyone in line will be happy. This picture was taken at 7:45am.

Update: The Kailua Target location had approximately 12 units available (it may have been 20 but eight mysteriously were not part of sellable inventory). Some in-line were there since midnight.

Update 2: GameStop Windward Mall had 17 units that were snapped up quickly.

Update 3: Best Buy in town seemed to have been the best bet with 40 Classics up for grabs. Opening at 10am, you had to wait in line but if you had a ticket, you were good.



Update 4: Amazon literally sold out in seconds.

Update 5: Don’t worry if you missed out. There will be more chances says Nintendo.

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