Additions and Deletions to Pulpconnection

Had to do some tuning to Pulpconnection after a rash of meltdowns and poor performance. Thanks to the duo of @ryankanno and @mirthlab, I made a few changes hopefully for the better.


  • Skribit. Good idea to get suggestions but never was used so I removed the service and its Javascript.
  • Google FriendConnect. This may make a reappearance in the future, but for now, it didn’t pan out. I really don’t know what benefit it brings. There’s potential, but it just ain’t here yet. Bye, bye more Javascript.
  • Pure eye candy that has similar data in Google Analytics so not needed here.
  • TweetMeme plugin. You see this plugin quite often but wasn’t catching on here so disabled this WordPress plugin.


  • Image caching. Didn’t know you had to enable image caching in Apache. Lots to learn, but I think basic caching of common images is working.
  • WP Super Cache. The defacto WP Cache wasn’t working right anyways so why not go with Super Cache?
  • WPtouch iPhone Theme. To speed up the pulp experience on a mobile device like an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android phone.
  • Twitter2Press. Just experimenting with this in the new Gallery section. My images posted on Twitter are now hosted here (and given a shortened URL). Makes sense.

There were a few other minor changes I made (like bumping up my DreamHost Private Server memory just a tad), and overall, performance has been more stable. But boy, the withdrawal from all the blogging bling (like this one) is hard to deal with. 🙁

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