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Rediscover Pulpconnection

With some self-imposed downtime, I used this opportunity to look over my site, make some updates, and even rediscover a thing or two. Amazon Store Heh, I had forgetten that I have a store on Amazon where I highlight items mentioned here. I had strayed away from this Amazon store for awhile, trying different things, […]

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Possible Guest Blogger

Well lookee here, there may be a guest blogger making her debut here on Pulpconnection. Her qualifications are excellent with shopping at Ala Moana, watching TV, and reading books. I mean doesn’t that just scream Pulpconnection? Um, yeah, I dunno. But Kimi (let’s call her that) wants to share her experience eating a $14 peach […]

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Pulpconnection Now Encrypted

Thanks to DreamHost and their partnership with Let’s Encrypt, Pulpconnection can now be reached using the secure SSL communications at But… I did it wrong or at least didn’t really have a good understanding of what I was getting into. While secured communications is a good thing, I didn’t realize how much unsecure communications was […]

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Is This the ParkRat Effect?

This can’t be coincidental, can it? On December 24 when the Year of ParkRat calendar was posted, Pulpconnection saw a definite spike in traffic. And this spike has lingered with visits happening on Christmas, a typically slow day. All I can say is mahalo to ParkRat and his fan base!

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WordPress Theme Expired?

I’m not quite sure what happened but Pulpconnection’s home page was showing a blank white screen for awhile. I don’t know if this was caused by the latest version of WordPress, v4.4, or the license for my theme expired. Or it could even be an incompatibility between the theme and WP 4.4. Whatever the cause […]

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Make Linkmoji!

Emoji is not just to sway NBA free agents or to remind everyone that you’re the Greatest of All Time. You can now emoji-fy links using linkmoji. Like this is in emoji form. http://????????.ws/????????????????????????????? Unfortunately pasting the linkmoji into a blog post doesn’t work. The above link should look like this.

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Favorite Search Terms from Today

Looking at Pulpconnection stats for today (Wednesday, June 24, 2015), here are my favorite search terms: portague jokes howie haiwaiian mainlander While I don’t define portague jokes, the post, 21 Slang Words You Should Know Before Visiting Hawaii, discusses haole aka howie haiwaiian mainlander.

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Now “Spinning” on SSDs

Things here at Pulpconnection should be a little snappier since the site is now “spinning” on SSD drives. I got a notice that Pulpconnection has been upgraded to DreamPress 2. Supposedly this move to solid state drives alone can ramp up performance up to 200%. While I don’t think my site loads twice as fast, […]

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Reading About DreamPress 2

What’s this about the release of DreamPress 2? Dreamhost’s managed WordPress environment recently got revved with some cool features. Files are now stored and served up from speedy SSD drives. Automatic daily backups appear to be newly added, and of course, there’s all the other performance enhancing features that got even better. Nice. Very nice.

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