6 Blogging Lessons Learned from New Moon

The Twilight saga’s New Moon is having such a profound impact – on the perception of Young Adult books, on movie sales, on life lessons, on perturbing thoughts, on the rise of the Twimom phenomenon, and yes, even on blogging. For me, here are six blogging lessons learned from New Moon.

1. Have a dreamcatcher


What’s happening in the dreamworld of your blog?  Do you know?  Have a dreamcatcher ready to really see what’s going on with visits, referrers, keywords, popular content, and much more.  With popular blogging dreamcatchers like Google Analytics, Sitemeter, and Lijit, you can capture and analyze the unseen dreamworld of your blog.

2. The importance of image(s)

Even the eternal, almighty Volturi know the importance of protecting their image, and you shouldn’t discount the power of images for your blog.  Pictures, images, and videos are a great way to make your posts pop and are a valuable traffic source.  From the top 25 traffic sources for Pulpconnection, nine of them are referrals from image search engines.

3. “You know you’re sorta beautiful?”

In the blogging business, you’ve already heard the phrase “content is king.”  That’s still true, and the content of your blog is extremely important.  But almost as important is the appearance of your blog.  If readers are transfixed by the beauty of your blog, they’ll stay longer and take in more of your beautiful content.


If you’re not an artist or designer like me, get a theme that’s beautiful to begin with.  Head on over to DIY Themes and admire Thesis.  Thesis is a beautiful starting point.

4. Communicate with your pack


How do you talk with your pack, your blogging community?  Sure, all blogs allow comments but for wolf-like telepathy, try another commenting system like Intense Debate, Disqus, or Echo.  Improving on notifications, spam protection, and integration, these systems constantly keep you connected to your pack.

5. Ready for the chase?


Be it an onslaught of wolves or a rush of network traffic, are you ready for the chase?  Will you be unprepared and suffer the fate of Laurent, or will you be cunning like Victoria and have WP Super Cache installed?  With WP Super Cache, your blog will be able to keep up with the pace of fast attacks and survive to fight another day.

6. Rock hard abs are hot

Plain and simple.  Young or old(er), guys or gals, werewolf or vampire, rock hard abs are hot.  No blogging lesson from this other than rock’em while you got’em!

So, let’s visually review six blogging lessons learned from New Moon.


Got that?

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