Did Derek Hough Just Get Outchoreographed?

Can it be? Did 3-time mirrorball trophy winner and master choreographer Derek Hough get outchoreographed in the Dancing with the Stars Finals of Season 13? Derek is the creator of the futuristic paso doble, the psycho tango, the acoustic Argentine tango, the paso doble from the 50’s, the too erotic samba, and is the lambada gribbler. But still, it was two-time winner Cheryl Burke who had the better freestyle strategy for peaking Rob Kardashian. That slow to fast freestyle transition was more original than the hip hop freestyles we’ve seen in the recent DWTS Finals.

I thought Derek and Ricki were a shoo-in to win Season 13, but after the first night of the Finals, the lead belongs to Boy Kardashian. And don’t necessarily count JR out yet. His fierce freestyle brought him and Karina back into contention. Closest DWTS Finals I can remember.

After tonight, my nod is to Rob and Cheryl.

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