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Darn You DWTS Mirrorball!

Darn you Dancing with the Stars!! After staying away for the last season, I made the mistake of taking a peek at Season 17. One unbelievable dance lead to another, and now I’m hooked once again. Week 1 was indescribable. Each performance got better and better. I was waiting for the first to fall or […]

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Did Sabrina Get Pwned Again?!

I haven’t been watching Dancing with the Stars: All Stars, but I saw a headline that Sabrina Bryan got pwned once again. In 2007, even with strong performances, Sabrina was surprisingly eliminated. Same story this week as this front runner is not advancing in the competition.

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The Return of the Moose Knuckle

The All Stars of Dancing with the Stars take the dance floor on September 24. One of the returning stars is none other than Gilles “Moose Knuckle” Marini who is dancing with recent DWTS Champion, Peta Murgatroyd. An interesting pairing that you got to watch…

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DWTS Season 14 Giving You Want You Want

Dancing with the Stars, Season 14, is giving you and me, the viewers, everything we want. Want more skin? Jaleel opens up shirt, Derek Hough takes off his shirt, and William Levy is well, William Levy. For the ladies, Peta’s dress was hardly there and Katherine Jenkins’ legs in that dress – wow. And you […]

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Week 4 Faves from Dancing with the Stars

Rock Week was a little off with some dancing slip-ups, but again overall, the DWTS cast in Season 14 is a talented group.  I thought Roshon Fegan had a breakthrough with his Viennese Waltz. Donald Driver’s crazed paso doble with Peta Murgatroyd received the highest marks from the judges this week. I can’t tell if […]

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Updated: DWTS Week 3 Videos

Updated my DWTS Season 14, Week 3 post with some videos. Heck, since the performances were THAT good, I’ll also post them here. I might have to include Cheryl Burke and William Levy’s performance as well. Can you see this season’s DWTS championships featuring these three previous Mirrorball winners (Hough, Ballas, and Burke)? Now, THAT […]

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Dancing with the Stars, Season 14 Are You Kidding Me??

Are you kidding me? Are you freakishly kidding me? Season 14 of Dancing with the Stars is it. Only on Week 3, and the performances and scores are at such a high caliber. Even the weaker performers are solid, able to shine in their own right.  Picking a favorite performance each week is simply unfair. […]

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DWTS Season 14, the Best Ever?

Amidst the attention of March Madness, the Game of Thrones, and Draw Something, I’ve almost forgotten about the fourteenth season of Dancing with the Stars. And what a start to the DWTS season! It seems like every new season of a reality competition is the “best ever.” With Dancing with the Stars, Season 14 may […]

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Did Derek Hough Just Get Outchoreographed?

Can it be? Did 3-time mirrorball trophy winner and master choreographer Derek Hough get outchoreographed in the Dancing with the Stars Finals of Season 13? Derek is the creator of the futuristic paso doble, the psycho tango, the acoustic Argentine tango, the paso doble from the 50’s, the too erotic samba, and is the lambada […]

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Reviewing Pulpconnection’s Search Terms

Did a quick review of popular search terms on Pulpconnection and came across this puzzling one, “dancing with the stars wardrobe malfunction.” For Season 13, this has to be Nancy Grace’s accident during Week 2. Here’s the aired, edited video of Nancy’s Quick Step that did and “didn’t maintain hold.”

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Thank Goodness for Derek Hough!

I have a confession. This Dancing with the Stars junkie had not watched a single episode from Season 13. I barely even know who the contestants are. Heck, other than Ron Artest, I don’t know who’s been eliminated already. So there I was in Week 4, watching my very first show, and I admit most […]

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