Gilly Hicks Is Dramatic

Went into Gilly Hicks at Ala Moana for the first time. My first impression was one of drama. First the throng of good looking people hanging out at the doorway, welcoming us in. Dude, you can put your shirt on, you know. Oh wait, you can’t. Those abs need to be viewable in the public, I forgot.

Then I was instantly deaf. I see why there’s that welcoming throng outside. Once you step in the store, the disco decible music slams your ears. We asked an employee where to buy a gift card, and three feet away, I couldn’t hear a word she said.

So then, we ambled through the maze of rooms and barely there clothes, finally finding the registers way in the (quiet) back. Along this sensory overloaded path, I did think the interior lighting of Gilly Hicks was appropriately dramatic. Here are some clothes in that lighting. I couldn’t bring myself to snap a pic of undies with shoppers walking around me.

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