Could You Have Imagined?

by Gee Why on July 1, 2012

in Addiction, Passion

Back in May of 2005, when Nike joined forces with Apple, could you have imagined this?

In 2005, the Nike+ system debuted strictly to track running. Back then you had to use the Sports Kit with a shoe sensor and a receiver for your iPod Nano. The iPhone did not exist in 2005. In his third year in the NBA, a 21-year old LeBron James averaged a personal best 31.4 ppg with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Forward to 2012 and look at this. Nike+ continued its evolution with more Nike+ products, the FuelBand, and the ability to track workouts and basketball activities. A key component continues to be Apple products such as the iPhone and iPods. Now 27-years old, LeBron James is a NBA champion and Finals MVP for the Miami Heat. Could you have imagined this trio of champions?

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