Could You Have Imagined?

Back in May of 2005, when Nike joined forces with Apple, could you have imagined this?

In 2005, the Nike+ system debuted strictly to track running. Back then you had to use the Sports Kit with a shoe sensor and a receiver for your iPod Nano. The iPhone did not exist in 2005. In his third year in the NBA, a 21-year old LeBron James averaged a personal best 31.4 ppg with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Forward to 2012 and look at this. Nike+ continued its evolution with more Nike+ products, the FuelBand, and the ability to track workouts and basketball activities. A key component continues to be Apple products such as the iPhone and iPods. Now 27-years old, LeBron James is a NBA champion and Finals MVP for the Miami Heat. Could you have imagined this trio of champions?

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