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Would an iPod Prince Edition Sell?

This goes beyond a royal purple aluminum exterior. This is more than Prince’s logo etched on the the back of the iPod. Listen with Beats by Dre headphones in either Purple Rain or a Diamonds and Pearls special makeups. This is more value than the limited edition Price iPod of 2009. Think of Prince’s songs […]

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My Inevitable Journey to the Apple Watch

I’ve come to rationalize realize that the Apple Watch is in my future. The journey to this latest in wearable tech started back in 2005 with the advent of the Nike+iPod Sports Kit. The alliance of Apple and Nike, two of my favorite brands, materialized the idea of data-driven workouts for the masses. With a sensor in […]

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Did Amazon Just Reboot the iPod?

Don’t look now, but did Amazon reboot the venerable iPod with the introduction of the Echo? We all know the iconic iPod isn’t the draw it once was and is in need of a remake. I’ve mentioned before how the iPod could be re-imagined to a multi-purpose home device. A WiFi basestation/extender, a multi-device charger, […]

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Remember When iPod Sales Converted Buyers to Macs?

Remember times past when the sales of iPods led to Windows users switching to Macs? I wonder if a similar situation will occur with the Apple Watch and the iPhone. Because you need an iPhone to link with an Apple Watch, will this spur more iPhone converts as the Apple Watch gains momentum? And before […]

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Time to Change Up the iPod

It’s about time to change up the venerable iPod. Sure, it transformed Apple and led the company into new business lines, but the device itself is becoming an anachronism right before our very eyes. The basics of the iPod has pretty much been subsumed by other Apple iDevices. As a music player, the iPod still […]

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Classic iPod

Confidence Is…

Since @abaggy is temporarily out of the loop, there’s no one to mancrush on. So instead, I’m turning my attention to someone else I’ll call Q-chi. What’s so great about Q-chi? It’s his confidence. He’s so confident that he leaves his classic iPod on his desk in plain sight even when he’s not around. This […]

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New Life for My iPod Nano

With the new Lightning connector for the iPhone 5, my five year old iPod Nano has new life. In order to listen to tunes while driving, I need the Nano and its old school dock connector. Looks like I’ll be buying a bunch of Lightning cables and accessories in the near future.

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Apple Strikes with Lightning

Nike sounded off with thunder, and now, Apple strikes with Lightning. Historically, Nike has offered Thunder and Lightning shoe sets, namely for the Air Jordan 4 in 2006. Oddly, Nike is retro-ing only the black Thunders in the upcoming months. There is no mention of the Lightnings? Lo and behold, here comes Apple’s special event. […]

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Could You Have Imagined?

Back in May of 2005, when Nike joined forces with Apple, could you have imagined this? In 2005, the Nike+ system debuted strictly to track running. Back then you had to use the Sports Kit with a shoe sensor and a receiver for your iPod Nano. The iPhone did not exist in 2005. In his […]

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Rocking the Old iPod Cable

Though Firewire is no longer supported on newer iPods and iPhones, these old iPod cables featuring both Firewire and USB still work. Well, just the USB cable anyways. Might as rock’em if you got’em.      

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