The Twlight Saga Ends with Breaking Dawn Part 2

So the end of the Twilight saga is finally here with Breaking Dawn Part 2 releasing to the public this week. Thanks to the Red Band Project, I got to see an early screening of the awaited final chapter. I won’t give away any spoilers, and I won’t be doing a review (I’ll leave that to Myong of Nonstop Honolulu). Instead, I’ll list some of the things I picked up on.

Old People Like Twilight Too. Twilight ain’t only for the tweenagers. In fact, on this night, Twihard fans in the theater averaged over 30 years old is my guess. Sure there were a few kids, some in their 20’s, but by and large, viewers were older, much older. Both genders were about equally represented as well.

The Art of the Closeup. I can’t recall how many closeup shots and scenes there were in the movie. It begins with this (which I thought was very effective).

But after a few too many closeups, I tired of this motif. Bella and Edward’s intimate scenes I can understand the use of closeups to show but not show their ravenous desires.

What Was Not Said. The ability to communicate without speaking was used and abused in Breaking Dawn Part 2. Just by touching, the gifted vampires and Renesmee Cullen could convey so much yet not say a word. Telepathy, visions, mind reading – too convenient. Although Alice’s final vision provided closure to one storyline.

Weird Aging. Speaking of Renesmee, the special effects to depict her at different ages was just weird. Enough said.

Original Sparkles

Finally Sparkly Skin. After four movies, Breaking Dawn Part 2 finally got the vampire sparkly skin just right. Maybe it’s Bella’s frosty complexion that more naturally compliments her vampire derma. Not sparkling, but why is Emmett Cullen so white?

The Abs of Team Jacob. From New Moon through Breaking Dawn Part 1, Taylor Launter’s physique and popping abs were showcased. In Part 2, Team Jacob keeps his clothes on except for that one scene with Bella’s dad, Charlie. Get ready to oogle about 20 minutes into the movie. Besides, the movie isn’t about Jacob’s body but his emotional connection with Bella, now Renesmee. You buying that? I didn’t think so.

Kapow! Gratuitous abs image

The Credits. Okay, if you can resist tearing up during the introductory credits knowing this is the last of the Twilight story, you might actually wonder what the opening credits are showing. Is that blood, is that ice, is that flowers? What is all that imagery – representations of Bella’s transformation? I thought the font change from a serif to sans serif typeface was kinda cool but then again, I dig fonts.

The ending credits were sweet but long. Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years Pt 2 played appropriately since there was so much to cover during the credits. Showing all the characters and actors and actresses was a nice touch I thought. Okay, here is a spoiler for you. There are no bonuses after the final credits. This is the final movie after all.

The Field of Flowers. Ah the field, that field. In bloom during the spring or desolate in winter, that field tugs at the heartstrings of Twilight fans.

A Fragmented Sentence. While I found the movie overall entertaining, I kept thinking it felt like a fragmented sentence. There were things, people, and stuff yet the things, people, and stuff never really meshed for me. Yeah, it’s the second of a two-parter so just keep that in mind when you go see it. Just believe and roll with it.

It’s About Family. Forget about Team Edward or Team Jacob (and even Team Alice). This movie is all about the coven family. Humans, hybrids, immortals, shape shifters – the family bond overcomes all and holds everyone together. Ohana!

Get PSYCHE-d! That’s all I can safely say about a fantastic fight scene! Heads will roll!! How else do you kill vampires?

Go see Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 and let me know what you think.


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