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“On Your Left”

Although I’m a fan of the Marvel movie universe, I don’t know all the references that connect the various films. That’s why I never caught on to “on your left” until I coincidentally saw the two key scenes recently. I’m talking about these scenes. The introduction is when Steve Rogers continually laps Sam Wilson during […]

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How Do I Do Cyber Monday?

By watching War Games on Netflix. Would you like to play a game?– WOPR Gotta love seeing the old school tech in action and the youth of Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy. I have to guess this 1983 movie was remastered since it looked decent on an HD television. The picture wasn’t pixelated or cropped […]

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Bounce Back

Watched Randall Park and Ali Wong in Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe and now Hello Peril’s song, Tennis Ball (aka Bounce Back), is stuck in my head. Bounce back!

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Dolby Atmos and Netflix

Regards Dolby Atmos content, Netflix does have a few titles available for streaming. But there are other requirements for Atmos and Netflix. You need Atmos compatible audio gear. You need the appropriate Netflix streaming plan “4 Screens + Ultra HD.” This is the top tier streaming plan Netflix offers. A fast Internet connection to stream […]

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Kailua Cinemas Good Enough

The movie theaters in Kailua continue its renovation as Kailua Cinemas. Over the years, these theaters have changed names, most recently known as Water Garden that showed older movies at reduced prices. But the phase has begun with Kailua Cinemas featuring luxury reclining seats. While the theater is open for business, the remodeling is still […]

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The Forbidden Superhero

More Friday Fun – Forbidden Super Hero

This film showing at the Hawaii International Film Festival is indescribable. I’m at a lost but can’t stop laughing after watching the trailer of Hentai Kamen: Forbidden Superhero. It’s so waaaay out there that you have to laugh (and see the film). I’m almost compelled to watch this show since it’s so outrageous. I can […]

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Lin never stops

What Does “Lin Never Stops” Mean?

I’ll tell you what it means to me. The phrase “Lin never stops” means a $5 shirt at TJ Maxx for me! It’s a very simple shirt, orange and black Dri-Fit material with the phrase in the Futura typeface (so says the What the Font app). Nonetheless, the timing of finding this Linsanity remnant is […]

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