Darn You DWTS Mirrorball!

Darn you Dancing with the Stars!! After staying away for the last season, I made the mistake of taking a peek at Season 17. One unbelievable dance lead to another, and now I’m hooked once again. Week 1 was indescribable. Each performance got better and better. I was waiting for the first to fall or taper off the progression. Due to their “experience,” I didn’t expect much from Bill Nye and Valerie Harper, but they definitely entertained.

Okay, there seems to be some unfair advantages with performers in the mix but still, dancer for dancer, this is a talented season. With the stiff competition and the sentimental vote for the elder dancers, you cannot predict who’s going home each week or who’s going to win the DWTS mirrorball.

Skipping ahead to Week 2, here’s my favorite with Jessie Spano aka Elizabeth Berkley dancing samba.


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