Similar Reactions to iOS7 and the Air Jordan 11

The love it or hate it reactions to Apple’s newly released iOS7 mobile operating system remind me of the Air Jordan 11 when it launched. There is no middle ground with both iOS7 and the AJ11 polarizing its audience.

Air Jordan 11

Air Jordan 11

Too shiny, too unconventional, too flashy, too bold – the naysayers described the XI, initially including myself. When I first saw these Jordans, I was so confused. I really hated them, two tone black and white, and the leather, the shiny patent leather that no kicks used. But then, look at them, watch them move, look at the simplicity yet sophistication of the design, notice the elements combining together, see the possibilities, truly see the Air Jordan 11. Then love them. Love the most iconic design of the Air Jordan line. Watch it endure over the decades with retro after retro, colorway after colorway.

Now look at iOS7. Tinker Hatfield meet Jony Ive. iOS7 is definitely bold and bright, the apps fly around the screen, its flat UI is unconventional (no buttons?), but yet it all works. It just works. Maybe this isn’t the pinnacle of iOS, but it just may endure the test of time as users learn to love it.


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