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Air Jordan 8 Destroyed

Had to say farewell to my Air Jordan 8 Retros. These kicks went to Italy and Greece with me being retroed the week before the trip. Yes, I walked the dusty Colosseum and visited the original site of the Olypmics in these AJ8 back in 2003. But after years of sitting in my garage, the Hawaiian […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Air Jordan Clock

No sense waiting to collect potential gift items for this upcoming holiday season. Like this clock of Air Jordan shoes. Any shoehead would love opening this on December 25. The hours of the clock are replaced with the corresponding Air Jordan model. Simply ingenious.  

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So Close to the Legend

So close yet so far away… that’s me and the upcoming release of the Air Jordan 11 “Legend Blue.” The conditions were there, meaning I entered so I could win, and today felt like a winning day. Checking the Ala Moana web site for the Foot Locker raffle, my ticket was just shy of a […]

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If You Don’t Enter, You Can’t Win

That’s a simple lesson in life, but it’s so true. If you don’t enter, you can’t win. In the case of this raffle at Foot Locker Ala Moana aka the House of Hoops, you need to enter in order to get a chance at purchasing the upcoming Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue. Yes, these Carolina-colorway […]

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Nike Court Zoom Vapor AJ3 Gone in 3 Minutes

The speed of the shoeheads fueled by desire is incredible. Sometimes I just marvel at it. Other times I curse it, especially this morning as the kicks addicted vied for the limited edition Nike Court Zoom Vapor AJ3 tennis shoe. Made for Roger Federer and styled after the iconic Air Jordan 3, this mashup in […]

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May the Infrareds Be Ever in Your Favor

You know that line from the Hunger Games, “May the odds be ever in your favor.” Believe it. Case in point. The Air Jordan 3 Retro “Infrared 23” launched on March 8, 2014. As expected, this well-hyped shoe sold out in no time. Although sites showed inventory, trying to add a pair to your cart […]

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Similar Reactions to iOS7 and the Air Jordan 11

The love it or hate it reactions to Apple’s newly released iOS7 mobile operating system remind me of the Air Jordan 11 when it launched. There is no middle ground with both iOS7 and the AJ11 polarizing its audience. Too shiny, too unconventional, too flashy, too bold – the naysayers described the XI, initially including […]

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I Have No Fear Pack

Aw bummer, I didn’t win the chance to purchase the Air Jordan Fear Pack from Ala Moana Foot Locker. I thought the signs were in my favor, especially with a raffle ticket ending with #23. But checking the winning numbers, I was denied both the AJ3 and the AJ5. Oh well, the kicks gods were […]

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Maybe I Should Fear the Jordans

After watching Macklemore’s video Wings, maybe I should be fearful of the Jordans. Although at my age, I’m not worrying so much about about defining my identify through my kicks. It’s more about reminiscing the past through retros and enjoying the colors and designs of contemporary kicks. Maybe I should worry about coworkers eyeing and […]

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Do Not Fear the Jordans

The Jordan “Fear Pack” didn’t interest me, but at Foot Locker’s House of Hoops Ala Moana, they were raffling off the chance to purchase the Fear editions of AJ3, 4, and 5. Since I happened to be there, I had to enter the raffle but only for the AJ3 and AJ5. Not digging the Oreo-look […]

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XX8 Green Camo

Air Jordan XX8 to Be Worn by Pandas?

The Air Jordan XX8 is on that cusp that separates genius from mediocre. At first glance, this ninja-looking bootie seemed like it relied on historical designs of Air Jordan designs. But then again, Tinker Hatfield, the soul of Air Jordan creations, was at the helm of the XX8. Besides the technology that includes the Jordan […]

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Air Jordan XX8 to Be Worn by Ninjas?

I’m not sure what to make of the silhouette of the newly announced Air Jordan XX8. From initial pictures, I’d say these will be worn by ninjas, by fishermen (they remind me of tabi), or by Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe. Eight inches tall, a zip up upper, responsive, light, and expensive at $250 a […]

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