What Does Origami from Starbucks Look Like?

Of course origami from Starbucks is not going to be your typical folding paper. Instead, origami from Starbucks looks like this.


Starbucks Origami is a personal drip, single serve coffee in a foldout packet. Assemble the packet above a cup, pour in hot water, and get fresh brewed coffee. Convenient, fast, easy cleanup, kinda fun, but just average tasting for me anyways. The Veranda light roast is a little too light, and I should have used hotter water. One Origami packet filled half the pictured mug. Still though, this setup feels more authentic than using instant coffee crystals.

I picked these up in Hong Kong, but they were originally released in Japan back in 2010. I haven’t seen Starbucks Origami in any American stores, and I don’t think I will with the availability of Starbucks VIA Instant.

More pictures of the Starbucks Origami.

Starbucks Origami

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