The Curb Now in Kailua

Wow, the shakeup of small businesses in Kailua just doesn’t stop. Sadly, Island Yogurt is leaving the Windward neighborhood, but Bee & Tea from Chicago opened their first Hawaii store on the same Hekili Street. Also opening on Hekili is The Curb that’s “keeping it fresh, hot, and cool with intentional coffee.”


Now I don’t quite understand their tagline, but hey, I’ll try some coffe with intention. The Kailua location just opened on Wednesday, so they’re still working out some issues on their fourth business day. Umm, yeah, gotta get a trash can inside the store and also an area with napkins would be good. But that wall art is cool, and I do really dig the whale wallpaper.


Their menu is tight and focused, and I went with a nitro cold brew since I don’t know where else I can find this on the Windward side. I’ve never had the foaminess of a nitro, but it’s interesting. There’s a different feel to this drink and subtle flavor changes to this cold brew. I’m not sure if this drink is for me though.


Next time, I’ll go for an espresso drink and fill my Belly.

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