Kailua Cinemas Good Enough

The movie theaters in Kailua continue its renovation as Kailua Cinemas. Over the years, these theaters have changed names, most recently known as Water Garden that showed older movies at reduced prices. But the phase has begun with Kailua Cinemas featuring luxury reclining seats.

While the theater is open for business, the remodeling is still underway. Concessions is limited to popcorn and bottled soft drinks. No other food is available, and the fountain drink dispenser isn’t ready yet. The bathrooms are nice, but some walls need finishing. The main thing is the projection and (loud) sound system is working. And oh yes, the very red reclining seats are new. Just don’t touch any of the wires coming out of the walls. 😉

It’s a good thing UPS delivers hand rails.

But hey, good enough. Can’t beat the convenience and $6 movies on Tuesdays.

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