ResExp: (Sneaker) Size Matters

Whether #coppingkicks or searching for #rossfinds, one notable distinction is that size matters. It really matters. Success in one field doesn’t equate to success in the other.

So here it goes. When doing the #rossfinds thing, you’re hoping to score men’s shoes sized 9-12. These are the most common men’s sizes, so therefore, you have the largest audience of potential customers. Check out this size run of the recent Yeezy Zebra release that illustrates the size breakdown.

Although not 100% accurate (that 85 size 8.5 was an admitted typo), you get the idea of the size distribution with size 9-12 dominating the size run. Here’s a graphical view showing the bell-shaped results.


Now let’s flip it around for #coppingkicks. This strategy targets the extremes. Success with #coppingkicks means copping kicks as small or as big as possible. You want the size 6 or 16. In this market, you avoid the common sizes. You target the small supply to drive the high demand and accordingly, the high cost. Reselling the common sizes aka bricks won’t lead to profit and in fact, could lead to losses. The lower sizes aka “bae sizes” are for the women, youngsters, and small footers. The larger sizes are more of a gamble since the population of size 16-ers isn’t common, but they need fresh kicks too.

The basic idea is to own one of the 256 size 4 shoes and have more bargaining power than one of the 1316 in a size 9.5. It’s the basic principle of supply and demand at work.

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