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Starbucks Nathan Road, Hong Kong

One block away from BP International in Hong Kong is a seemingly small Starbucks location on Nathan Road. Once you enter however, you’ll see a Starbucks about twice as big as regular shops. There’s the front window section which is typically sized. Then there’s the coffee bar. Then there’s the back seating area that’s almost […]

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Starbucks Kerry Center, Beijing China

Before heading out for our #HIChina15 tour, I looked up Starbucks locations near our hotels. Luckily, one of the newest Starbucks flagship stores in China is at the Kerry Center. This two story location features a very unique interior design with coffee bars on both floors. It’s here I sampled the Discover a Sip of […]

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Touring the Great Firewall of China

If you were to visit China, you have to be ready for different rules for the Internet. In this case, “the Internet” is not really the Internet with the Great Firewall of China blocking access to some popular American sites. Sites that are banned fluctuate so just never know. Most recently access to Gmail seemed […]

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Kicks for Touring China

If I were to tour China, I’d want comfortable and supportive shoes. From a Nike point of view, I’d look for shoes featuring Air Max 360. That massive air bubble is a dream to walk on yet is stiff enough to take a beating. Reminiscent of my previous Air Max Trainer 1.3 that served me […]

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