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How Hard Is It to Make Color Copies?

Much too hard is the answer. So I wanted to make copies, actually smaller versions of a school photo. From a color 8×10 photo, I needed a 4×6 and some 3×5 sizes. First, I call Target to see if they have photo services. I was ensured they have a photo kiosk near Customer Service. I […]

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Gowalla on Vacation

Sometimes technical problems just get you. When it does, keeping a sense of humor helps pass the frustration. You have to chuckle at this Gowalla service outage.

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Flash Fail

Just as Jake Shimabukuro is about to tell the TED audience why he believes the ukulele is an instrument of peace, I get this error. Flash fail! I guess this is what Apple meant when it talked about the instability of Adobe Flash. That or there’s some conspiracy keeping the ukulele from the world. In […]

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F-15 Takeoff Recording FAIL!

I knew the F-15 Eagles would be moving fast during takeoff, but they were WAY fast. Check out my movie fail while recording the takeoff. Yes, it’s blurry, and I couldn’t even pan the camera fast enough to keep up with the jet. FAIL!!

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