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My Current Fascination – Streetlight Cadence

My dad’s television was on and tuned into HI*Sessions, showcasing local musical talent. I wasn’t really paying attention until I saw this interesting looking group. Is that guy strumming a violin? Is that other dude playing the cello standing up? Wait, is that an accordion? And the guitarist has a snazzy hat! So I asked […]

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I Am a Closet Swiftie?

I must be a closet fan of singer Taylor Swift. Otherwise, I don’t know how to explain this purchase of an autographed copy of the “in the trees” CD. I mean I didn’t even think twice. Autographed, bonus songs, different covers, and supposedly limited supply (even though there’s a limit of 4 CDs per order). […]

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Music from a Rock & Roll Fable

Since I’ve been waxing nostaglic recently, here’s another. Tonight Is What It Means to Be Young from Streets of Fire, a Rock & Roll fable. Wow, Tom Cruise was originally picked to play the lead role of Tom Cody and Daryl Hannah for Ellen Aim. Instead, Michael Pare got the role and a then 18-year […]

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Summertime Sadness

Yes, this is a song from Lana Del Rey that I just heard, but really this song title reminded me that my loose clothes are now snug after all that eating in Oregon and Seattle.

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Apple HomePod Showing Up at Target

It was a matter of time, but Apple’s HomePod music and smart home system is now showing up at Target. It’s still priced at $349 but using the Target REDcard 5% discount is as good as it gets on Apple devices. If you’re thinking of picking one up in store, I would call the location […]

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Dead Plantronics Backbeat Fit

Well, this ain’t good. I had been enjoying my Plantronics Backbeat Fit earphones during my runs, but now they don’t turn on. The battery will charge (the LED shows the charging progress), but pushing the power button does nothing. Sadly, this seems to be a recurring problems based on other complaints. I don’t remember exactly […]

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Amazon Music, I Don’t Get It

Obviously I have research to do about Amazon’s new music service, but I don’t get it. The service is a competitor to Spotify and Apple Music. But it’s different than the music available from the Amazon Prime subscription. And although I already pay for Amazon Prime, this doesn’t give me access to my this separate […]

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Old Airport Express, New Problem

Maybe it was fun while it lasted, but my revitalized AirPort Express, the 802.11g version, isn’t showing up as an AirPlay device anymore. It was there the other day, but today I can’t see it to stream music through. This geeky  experiment could be over. Oh wait… powering down then restarting the Airport Express seems […]

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Light of the Seven – So Good

Gotta love the last episode of Season 6 of the Game of Thrones. The music truly set this episode apart, especially the opening sequence featuring the Light of the Seven. It’s so good, so full of impact. Listen on repeat, just don’t follow Tommen. Yup, that is a piano playing in this opening score.

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Would an iPod Prince Edition Sell?

This goes beyond a royal purple aluminum exterior. This is more than Prince’s logo etched on the the back of the iPod. Listen with Beats by Dre headphones in either Purple Rain or a Diamonds and Pearls special makeups. This is more value than the limited edition Price iPod of 2009. Think of Prince’s songs […]

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Things to Do Today

Just a list to remind me of things I gotta do: How to find good podcasts? Can you listen to Apple Music while offline? This isn’t working for me as described.

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Siri, Zane Lowe, and December 14, 2015

I’m not sure why this is, but whenever I ask Siri to play songs curated by Zane Lowe of Beats 1 and Apple Music, Siri always brings up Zane’s playlist from December 14, 2015. I’m not necessarily complaining about this choice since it is a solid playlist leading off with Coldplay and ending with lots […]

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