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Starbucks Incheon Airport

Being stuck in South Korea in the Incheon area for a day wasn’t such a bad situation afterall. There’s enough to keep you occupied, and the Incheon Airport itself is huge with many shops to pass the time. Of course there has to be a Starbucks at an airport, especially in Korea where Starbucks has […]

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Missed Out on Jipangyi

While stuck in South Korea for a day due to plane problems, I saw this at the Grand Hyatt pool side snack bar and didn’t know what it was. What was this candy cane shaped item? Turns out, this “candy cane” is actually upside down and is supposed to be oriented like the letter “j.” […]

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#HIChina15 Begins with the Threat of MERS

The kickoff to our family trip to China, Macau, and Hong Kong was marred with the threat of MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). Planned months in advance, this trip was going to happen and unfortunately, the outbreak of MERS coincided with our #hichina15 travel plans. Flying on Korean Airlines, there was a short one hour […]

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