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Light It Up!

Looking for a floor lamp that lights up the area for reading purposes, not overall room lighting. At 4.8 stars out of nearly 2000 ratings, this Brightech floor lamp looks like it’ll do the job.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Eternal Light

This is just downright cool. This Kickstarter project aims at bringing eternal light. No batteries needed. This mini flashlight is powered by the touch of a human body. A thermoelectric generator converts your body heat into electricity that powers a small LED. This $35+ gift could be left in cars, attached to your keychain, or […]

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Love the Eco-i-Lite

Aw, I’m bummed that my original pair of Eco-i-Lite flashlights have both died. I love these rechargeable lights. Plop them into their inductive charging bays, and that’s it. When the power goes out, these light up themselves. Under normal conditions, the charging bays also act as night lights. The LEDs in the flashlights are bright […]

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It’s Time to Get New Light Bulbs

Well, it’s almost time when these new incandescent replacements hit the market. Philips’ 60-watt equivalent LED bulb has been selected by the Department of Energy as the replacement for incandescent bulbs. They’ll be more costly to buy but you’ll recoup that cost in electrical savings over the years.

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Conserv Energy LED

Comparing LED Flood Lights

From incandescent to fluorescent to LED has been my path for recessed lighting. After getting recessed lights, I picked up a box of BR30 incandescents and was happy. I like the warm colors of the incandescent bulbs, but they do produce heat and don’t last very long. Can’t beat these for dimming purposes either. As […]

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