March Madness Kicks Analysis #6, Elite 8

The March Madness Elite 8 teams are set and ready to go one more round this weekend. As divined by the shoes, teams wearing Nike are beginning to dominate the playing field. Reebok-wearing Boston College was eliminated, leaving only Nike and Adidas representation. The two Adidas squads, UCLA and Memphis, are going head-to-head in the Regional Finals, leaving one Adidas team in the Final Four.

Here’s who is left, what they wear, and what conference they belong to.

  1. LSU, Nike, SEC
  2. Texas, Nike, Big 12
  3. Memphis, Adidas, Conference USA
  4. UCLA, Adidas, Pac-10
  5. Uconn, Nike, Big East
  6. George Mason, Nike, Colonial Athletic Conference
  7. Villanova, Nike, Big East
  8. Florida, Nike, SEC

Can Memphis or UCLA beat recent Nike history?

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