March Madness Kicks Analysis

I always wanted to know what shoe companies sponsored the various teams that made it to the NCAA “March Madness” Tournament. Scouring through Yahoo and Getty Images pictures and watching games on TV, I compiled a list of this year’s team kicks.

Percentage of Sponsorship


Count of Sponsorship


Nike (not surprisingly) sponsors the most teams, followed by Adidas, then And1 (Penn and Pacific). As far as I could tell, New Balance (Winthrop) and Reebok (Boston College) sponsor one team each while Monmouth didn’t seem to have a sponsorship with players wearing Nike, Adidas, and And1.

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2 Responses to March Madness Kicks Analysis

  1. Angry Asian Girl March 20, 2006 at 11:41 am #

    My sis and I were really into kicks, fka shoes, during our college days but it became an expensive habit. We used to (actually we still do) always look at people’s kicks wherever we went and discuss either how ugly or nice they were, and how we wished we could design shoes. Think the demise of our thing for kicks was due to the hideous shoes that Nike was coming out with. Men always seemed to have nicer ones than women.

  2. Gee Why March 20, 2006 at 1:43 pm #

    For awhile in the dark 90’s, Nike products were bleh. Reebok was making waves. Now, it seems like Nike reclaimed their crown.

    Yeah, most women Nike shoes are just different colors of mens shoes. Nothing that original.

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