Starbucks Pikes Place Roast Is Easy to Drink

I’m no Coffee Master and know nothing of coffee smell, slurping, or geography of my palate, but I do know Starbucks new Pikes Place Roast is easy to drink. This freshly roasted and brewed coffee is not bitter or overwhelming, but it also ain’t Heaven in a cup you know? It’s simply a good cup of coffee, and I think that’s what Starbucks was going for.

Cost of the Pike’s is not exorbitant. And I may have actually seen the Pike’s roast advertised previous to this while in the Land of FAT. I now see that a misto has been added to the Hawaii menu while I’ve already had a misto on my trip. I thought I remember seeing a Pikes roast on a FAT Starbucks menu… too bad I didn’t take a picture of the menu.

Oh well, here’s my free sample early in the morning.

The cup’s logo went old school but a little edited to censor the mermaid’s boobies.

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