Nike, Homophobia, and Hyperdunks

Who would have thought that posterizing an opposing player on the basketball court would be viewed as homophobic? Enough people to force Nike to pull its recent advertisements for its new Hyperdunk shoes.

These ads depict a baller skying through the air assumedly about to throw down a monster dunk. But these ad showcase the Hyperdunks and a variety of crotches to the face. Like this…

Pictures from juje80bis’ photostream

What do I think about these ads? I wish I could personally tell you what dunking over (and having my groin crashing into) an opponent feels like, but alas I am earthbound no matter the kicks. I say the ads are fine in the context of a basketball game. Otherwise Vince Carter could be construed as offending the gay community with this dunk.

Now, that ain’t right!

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