Am I a Glutton?

Am I a glutton for cacophony? Or maybe it’s just my weak mind, but I was compelled to give 93.9 and 98.5 another evaluation this morning. The result? Better but not near status quo.

Starting with 93.9, I tune in only to hear Maleko having technical difficulties during a contest. The contestant couldn’t hear the game. Fail! Later, Maleko blames malfunctioning equipment for the miscue. Double fail!! I know it’s still a transition time for all, but please, own up to having some troubles, and don’t take the easy route of blaming the equipment.

Later in the programming, Maleko started a listener call-in with an abstract topic. It started with swine flu then having Governor Linda Lingle quarantining all of Hawaii. Then the story shifted to having to repopulate the rest of the (decimated I guess) world and naming a celebrity you’d like to “procreate” with. Wha?

After several songs and commercials, the responses I heard were “Edward Cullen” and “Oprah.” Triple fail!!! Edward Cullen, the make believe vampire from Twilight?! This topic was off-the-wall to begin with but naming a fictitious character and The Oprah was too much.

Things on 98.5 were better with the return of the ringleader aka Rory Wild. He was back on air running the show and guiding Gregg Hammer to his excellent impersonations. Seemed like the duo were making up for yesterday’s sucky show with too much improv, but it was great to have Rory running the show again. Crystal Akana got to step her game up and keep up. Hint, hint, Crystal, when Gregg starts Reggae Time, you gotta get into it and accompany the party that is Reggae Time.

Still though, I just can’t get into the music format of Island 98.5 and even the revamped playlist of 93.9. I’ll be listening to my iPod in the mornings more and more it seems.

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