The Wake Up Crew Still at It

Like an addict that I am, I couldn’t stay away forever. Yeah, I held out for some time, but that craving was still there.

This morning, I shunned the safe haven of my iPod and tuned to FM 98.5 to satiate my hunger for Rory Wild and Gregg Hammer. It seems the remixed Wake Up Crew is doing well and has compromised the Island reggae music format with the unique stylings of Wild and Hammer.

What did I hear this morning? Gregg and Rory ripping on UH Head Coach Greg McMackin’s apology for his recent incident. This skit was so wrongfully right. Playing Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror as a backdrop was classic! You missed it? Oh no you didn’t! Take a listen…


Then unfortunately the music began, and I changed stations with my addiction abated.

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