Are You a Photography Pro?

I know I’m not, but watching this Judge Joe Brown episode about a case against a wedding photographer was entertaining if nothing else. Who’s right or wrong? I can’t really say. I mean the bride paid $1300 for her entire wedding photography package. While that is a lot of money, it’s not inconceivable to pay more for a lifetime of memories.

While the photographer’s actions and gear may be defendable, she definitely could have handled things differently. Meeting her client outside of Walmart where the pictures were developed? Maybe not so good an idea. Walmart may print great photos but just the fact of meeting her client outside of the big box retailer will give the wrong impression. Sure, print them, pick them up but deliver them elsewhere.

If you got 10 minutes to spare…

And if you want commentary about the accuracy and decency of the entire episode, read this. Thanks Dallas.


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