The Gold iPhone 5s Inspired by Pop Tarts

When we first heard the rumors that Apple was creating a new gold iPhone 5s, we balked. It would be too gaudy, too ostentatious, too un-Apple-like, an accessory only Mr. T would love. But then it arrived in its champagne tone, and opinions swayed from disbelief to desired. But little did we know that Apple was merely taking design cues from Pop Tarts.

Peanut Butter Pop Tarts

Peanut Butter Pop Tarts

Months ago when rumors of the golden iPhone surfaced, Pop Tarts launched its “Gone Nutty” peanut butter toaster pastries. Besides the new flavor, these tarts feature a ridged box pattern and golden packages.

Golden Pop Tarts

Golden Pop Tarts

Take note of the golden similarities thought not exactness. These wrappers are subdued. They aren’t brilliant but unmistakably metallic. So what if design inspiration perhaps came from Jony Ive ripping open a pack of Gone Nutty Pop Tarts?

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