Hammertime Is All Business

There were rumblings and rumors, but now it’s known. Gregg Hammer is coming back to the airwaves starting tomorrow, Tuesday, October 22, 2013. But no, Mr. Hammer isn’t reuniting with his old gang, the Wake-Up Crew. Instead, this comedic genius is joining KRTR 96.3 FM for the morning show. Joining Gregg from 5am to 10am weekday mornings will be Davey D and Shawnee (Hammer).

What’s with Gregg’s return? Who knows, but it has to be an all business affair. I hoped the return of the Hammer would be with his partner-in-crime and point man, Rory Wild. The world is a better place with Rory and Gregg on the air waves, but it’s not to be as Rory is still leading the revamped Wake-Up Crew on Island 98.5. So yes, both will be broadcasting at the same time on different stations. Doesn’t that pain you too?

Also, if you’re not a KRTR listener, morning deejays Dave Lancaster and Sister Sherry have been gone for about two weeks. Again, another business matter to seemingly open a time slot for Hammer’s return.

I don’t know Davey D’s style and haven’t heard from Shawnee since becoming Mrs. Hammer, so I don’t know what to expect. Tune in tomorrow to catch the return of Gregg Hammer!



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