Thoughts About the Fence on Kamehameha Highway

So Hawaii News Now is working on a story about fence that splits Kamehameha Highway in Pearl City. You know the one. It was decorated in March 2011 but then it wasn’t in November 2012. Now, in 2014, the entire fence line is coming down for rail construction.

What was the impetus for the fence to begin with? To prevent pedestrians from perilously crossing anywhere along the multi-lane roadway? To minimize the headlights of opposing traffic? I’m not sure. But I can understand the need if there was a long history of accidents, deaths, and other mishaps that a simple fence would alleviate. I just don’t know the background.

Why the decorative fence? I admit that at first glance I thought the fence was tacky. Maybe if the pattern was the same throughout then it wouldn’t seem like it was trying to be “artistic.” On the other hand, a plain chain link fence would probably look worse, annoying the community. Go fancier with tiles, vinyl, or a rock wall, and costs would probably be too exorbitant. So this decorated fence was probably a livable compromise. With the rail construction going on, the “fence” now looks like this which is ultimately worse.

"Fence" on Kamehameha Highway

“Fence” on Kamehameha Highway

Those are my thoughts on this fence. What do you think?

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