The Return of Two Voice Tuesday?

Mea culpa if this is old news, but when did Hammertime on KRTR 96.3 revive the famous Two Voice Tuesday? Have I somehow been missing out all this time listening to Gregg Hammer combine two vocal caricatures? Here are a few clips from today’s zaniness.

All-Asian Wayne Anzaki mixed with Austrian-American Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Perhaps a little controversial, but he was asked and Mr. Hammer produced, mixing Helen Keller and Bubba Smith. Don’t mind the Harley revving its engine in the background

Say what? I can’t understand what “Oprah Chai” is saying. Maybe Oprah Winfrey and local chef Chai Chaowasaree can translate.

And what’s with my SoundCloud images for these audio clips? Just playing around with SoundCloud’s integration with Instagram and using some of my recent shots.

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