I Lost and Found my iPhone

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone

In all my years as an iPhone user, I’ve never lost my phone. From a 3G to a 4 and now a 5, I always had my iPhone around. Then last night happened. Sometime after dinner at Tokoname in Kailua, I left my phone at the restaurant. I might have left it on the table. It might have fallen out of my pocket. Not really sure, but luckily Apple’s Find My iPhone feature works.

After getting home and wondering where my phone was, I logged into this service and saw a map showing all my registered devices. Sure enough, my iPhone wasn’t in the house or in the car, it was back at the restaurant. I also put the phone into Lost Mode just in case, ready to do a remote erase if needed. Fortunately, a call to Tokoname confirmed they had my phone.

Moral of the story? Make sure all your iDevices are registered with the Find My iPhone feature. Oh, and Tokoname has a great deal every Tuesday with 25% off your meal.


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