A Distinctive Starbucks and One That Could Be

I love the Starbucks in Manoa. It’s distinctive with its old school look matching the community so well.

Starbucks Manoa

Starbucks Manoa

You know what other location could be iconic for Starbucks? The old Queen Theater in Kaimuki.


Yeah, I understand the dream is for a rebirth of the theater, but in all my years, I remember Queen Theater just as pictured – rundown and bussup. Just taking the corner portion with the sign, can’t you see an upright Starbucks beacon with the siren logo topping it off? How about becoming the first Starbucks Evenings location in Hawaii? Probably the best place with a matching vibe to serve alcohol alongside coffee and espresso and chill out after work.

So many possibilities.

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One Response to A Distinctive Starbucks and One That Could Be

  1. Adrian Bagayas September 21, 2014 at 8:48 pm #

    You looking for investors? 😉

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