Arashi Blast: No Power

If your electricity goes out on Friday or Saturday, you gotta blame the Arashi Blast concerts. With HECO already urging customers to cut back on consumption with the Kalaeloa plant out of commission awaiting parts and temperatures soaring above 90 degrees almost daily, you know the Arashi concert is going to push electrical demand near the red line when their gigantic stage goes live.


Over sixty feet tall, 280 feet wide, 13 HD screens, costing over $8 million to construct – you know this baby will suck up the juice. Not only that, but after the concert, overheated fans are going back to their hotel rooms and are most likely gonna crank up the AC to cool off from Arashi Blast.

Too bad sonic waves can’t be harnessed for power. All those screams and squeals from the fans would compensate.

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