HD Radio in Hawaii

So I just learned that HD radio is indeed available in Hawaii and has been in the islands since 2007. Without HD radio compatible gear, it never mattered to me. But now that I can tune into HD broadcasts, I was looking for tunes in HD. Sadly, there’s not much. Can you tell what music genre is popular?

  • 92.3 KSSK. Adult Contemporary Music
  • 93.9 KHJZ. Rhythmic Adult Contemporary
  • 97.1 KORL. Japanese – J-Pop Music
  • 98.5 KDDN. Island Rhythm 98.5. Island Music
  • 100.3 KCCN. FM 100: Island Music & Reggae
  • 101.5 KORL. K-Rock: Hawaii’s Real Rock
  • 101.9 KUCD. Star 101.9. Hawaii’s New Music Alternative (not working for me)
  • 105.1 KINE. Contemporary Hawaiian Music
  • 107.5 KORL. Hawaii’s K-Pop on FM (Korean)

There’s always Pandora and iTunes Radio…


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